JMT offers dedicated shipment services for companies or individuals. There is no hassle of sharing the transport vehicle with anybody else. Every cargo loaded on the truck or van is just yours, which ensures that there is no mixing of consignment with other parties, no delay in picking up your consignment or delivering the same. Our professionally trained staff will handle all your shipping needs and provide you the best logistics solutions.

With our own fleet of cargo vans and trucks, a team of dedicated drivers, a wide network coverage and presence in 38 states, all you need to do is give us a call and track your consignment till it reaches the destination. Our trucks are dedicated to you on contract basis, which means that it is your own fleet of trucks without the hassle of maintenance and repairs of the same.

Why choose JMT freight for dedicated freight services

  • We provide the most cost effective and secure solutions for all your shipping requirements
  • We maintain the trucks, train the drivers and ensure delivery of your goods to the destination while all you have to do is make a contract with us
  • We at JMT Freight offer complete logistic services that include maintenance of the trucks, compensation to the drivers, billing, documentation, claims and settlement if required
  • Our warehousing facility lets you schedule your shipment and it is the responsibility of JMT Freight to forward the consignment on time
  • The tracking software used by JMT Freight integrates global technology, every truck is GPS enabled and drivers are equipped with SAT phones which ensure smooth delivery of your consignment
  • Once the truck leaves the premises, you can track the cargo in real time
  • With excellent customer services, our staff is there to assist you as and when you require
  • The team of logistic experts at JMT freight design the route to deliver your goods as quickly as possible and most economical too

No need for you to invest a capital amount for owning trucks when you can partner with JMT Freight and focus on your core business. We offer you the best shipping solutions, which cuts down on your overhead expenses. Partner with us as we are dedicated freight specialists providers who design and run a dedicated fleet for you.

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