JMT Freight is a leading transport and shipping company that offers Truck Load Shipping logistics in the USA, providers for door to door truck load shipping services across 38 states. When you choose JMT freight, you are stress free and at peace to focus on your main business as we keep a track of all your shipments from pick up till delivery. Our wide network includes fleets of trucks and vans and tie-ups with other transport companies which ensures delivery of your shipment on time, every time.

Customized shipping solutions are offered to you that guarantee the timely delivery of your consignment for perishables.

What JMT Freight Does

We are the most trusted shipping partners to thousands of businesses. We understand your truckload shipping needs and provide the best logistics solutions, which has made us one of the leading truckload shipping companies in the USA.

A truck always for you

We at JMT Freight coordinate your truckload shipment needs at every step. No matter when you require a truck to transport your good, we will always coordinate the same for you. With our fleet of trucks there is always one for you or we will arrange one from our network of partners. Any delay in transporting your goods results in your loss. We ensure you are never at a loss when you partner with us.

Door to door services and warehousing

At JMT Freight we maintain a fleet of trailers and tractors to pick up your consignment on demand or as per your schedule. In spite of that shortage of truck drivers in the USA we have a team of dedicated and experienced drivers who are well versed with the routes and procedures of trucking. Every driver at JMT Freight is equipped with wireless communications gadgets and our trucks with GPS which helps us to keep track of your truckload and efficient management of its delivery. We also offer warehousing services for your consignment as and when you require.

Save your time and money

You need not maintain a logistics department when you partner with JMT Freight, the leaders in logistic solutions. This saves you the headache of maintaining employees and the logistic department as well. We provide complete logistic management solutions for your cargo from the pickup, routing, tracking, handling inevitable delays, breakdowns, delivery or claims handling if required. Our dedicated and trained logistic consultants offer you the best logistics solutions.

Cargo Tracking

With the use of state of the art technology and tracking software, you can track your truckload from the comfort of your office.


JMT freight understands trucking like nobody does which has made us specialists in truckload freight shipping. We offer you a fair price for truckload shipping as our high business volume and expertise keeps our pricing most affordable.

In this overwhelming world of logistics, choose JMT freight as your partner for the flexibility and support we offer for all your evolving shipping requirements. For effective truck load transport solutions, call us now and get the best quote for consolidated truckload transport and shipping services.

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